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By Natalia Isabel Reyes

Source: Travelers (Philippines) / May 2002

Sikhism has a similar concept of multiple life cycles until the soul reaches the ultimate level of spirituality and escapes death once and for all to become one with God. ?
nnoying younger brHave you ever wondered what kind of animal you would be reincarnated as,
if you messed up during this lifetime?
Hey, Although Sikhism believes that animals have souls and should be treated!
with care and kindness, they believe it is only the human soul that can reach ultimate salvation, pure spirituality, and become Gurmukh (God-centered). offer a glimpse of the >inner animal in you.
(Mee-ow!) Or at the very least, it’ll give you an excuse toother “doggie breath”…

This website is about to determine what kind of animal are you would be reincarnated depends on how you response in our personality quiz that been prepared for you.

Are you prepared for what next?